Adam Bodnar

Adam Piotr Bodnar is a Polish lawyer, educator, human rights activist and politician who currently serves as Minister of Justice. He was the 7th Polish Ombudsman from 2015 until... Wikipedia

  • Born:  January 6, 1977, Trzebiatów, Poland
  • Age:  47 years
  • Political party:  Independent
  • Other political affiliations:  Civic Coalition/Senate Pact 2023 (2023–present)
  • Children:  3
  • Education:  University of Warsaw, Central European University (Budapest)
  • Civilian awards:  Thorolf Rafto Memorial Prize (2018), Rule of Law Award (2019), The Order of Legion of Honour (2020)
  • Preceded by:  Marcin Warchoł
  • Data source:  DuckDuckGo